Video editing quickly became one of my new passions.  I’ve been lucky enough to incorporate this into my bag of skills.

Silver Stone Villas

This is the first spot I ever produced in house.  I took all the photos, wrote the copy, directed the voice over, and edited the final. The spot was done on spec for a condo development but after the client saw what was possible they asked for a media plan and we executed a short […]

All American Mattress

I produced a lot of TV for All American Mattress over a two year period.  This is one of those spots.

Clancy Optical

High end eyewear meant I got to produce and direct a higher end shoot.

Dr. Walmsley – Joan Testimonial

Joan was a natural in front of the camera so it made shooting and editing the hours of testimonials easy. This :30 spot was part of a longer informational DVD that I produced in-house later.

Dr. Walmsley

Another :30 spot that came out of the shoot for Dr. Walmsley’s informational DVD that I produced, directed and edited in house.

Furrow Auction Company

Furrow has been a long standing client.  Occasionally an auction will warrant TV production. For me these are the McGyver of TV spots, typically pieced together from various photos of various origins and materials on hand.  It just goes to show that a little talent and a little effort can go a long way.