A little bit about myself.

My parents were both students when I was young. My mother completed her Masters of Social Work and my dad completed his art degree and Masters of Communications in advertising. I was given all of my dad’s hand me down art supplies – sketch pads, markers, pencils, charcoal, pen and ink. Creating art was something that was just a given in our home.

These early influences have stuck with me throughout my life. The blend of psychology and social work from my mother and art and advertising from my father ended up shaping my own career path. I have worked as an advertising graphic designer since 1997. In my professional life I bring that blend of influences to each of my projects and I have been successful in developing creative strategies that have a empathetic quality for who the client is, who they see themselves as, and who their ideal customers are.

I’ve worked on all sides of the advertising equation: at a newspaper in their advertising design department, an in-house advertising department of a major retail clothing chain, in an ad agency and as the founder of my own small agency. After all that, I can plan, produce and place campaigns in almost any media.

Being self-employed I can appreciate the unique challenges faced by people who are more than just owners of a business – they are the business. When I began working for myself I did so with a clear goal of helping small businesses have access to the same high quality design, advertising and planning usually reserved for high end accounts. I enjoy building a close relationship with my clients and creating a bond that lets me understand their business and their goals in way that wouldn’t be possible working with large companies with numerous stakeholders. It’s allowed me to win the highest award I can imagine when a client tells me, “You really get me.” or “You really nailed it. This looks like us” Those words of praise mean more to me than any other professional recognition I could receive.