The infectious quality of Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy” can not be overstated.  Here’s a nice clip of Pharrell being moved by the impact his song has had.  Very few pieces of art have the impact that a piece of commercial art can have because of the reach that various media can bring. This song transcends any expectation.  Also, it’s really a fun song!
Pharrell cries Happy tears.

I deserve the creamer because I bought it.

In the spot the young girl scout lists all of her achievements and then asks the office worker what he did to deserve the thin mint flavored creamer.

This is another in the advertising trend featuring people being an ass to the prospective consumer. I guess it’s funny because it’s a little girl scout telling the guy that he’s only worthy of using the product because she likes his tie?

Here’s an option – instead of making the little girl be a jerk, maybe she could have, in true Girl Scout fashion, made the poor office schlub’s day better by giving him some delicious thin mint creamer.

Girl Scout: Just reloaded the printer ink?
Office Guy: Yeah. It’s tricky.
Girl Scout: Why don’t you have some Thin Mint flavored Coffee-mate. It’s only one of the most delicious cookie flavors ever.
Office Guy: Thanks!
Girl Scout: Just finished an energy audit of the building. Now off to my dog walking business.
Skips away. Stops at the door turns back and smiles
Girl Scout: I like your tie.

Still funny. Still creates the contrast between over achieving girl scout and office drone. No longer has anyone being a jerk.